Le Retour à la Terre


 Inspired by her own return to earth ‘Retour à la terre‘ in a farm in Normandie, Catherine Chalom wanted to provide biodiversity to Parisians customers: old varieties of fruits et vegetables, products directly from small French organic farms. She also wanted to be in line with her ecological concerns: no palm oil, a wide selection of bulk products (to prevent waste and plastic packaging).


Ten years ago, Catherine created her first organic shop Biocoop le Retour à la Terre in the 11th district of Paris. Since, she opened two other shops, ‘Rive Gauche‘ in the 5th district and ‘les Champs‘ (‘the fields’ in French) in the 8th, near The Champs Elysees Avenue.

In addition to the sale of organic products – without pesticides and GMO – they organize events to make aware to the general public organic farming, protection of our planet, the disappearance of bees, the danger of pesticides… They also support nonprofit organizations dedicated to the protection of nature.

In those three shops, you can find fruits and vegetables, wine & beers, cheese, bread, biscuits, jams, honey, meat, tofu, superfoods,… but also health supplements and organic cosmetics (including make-up). A wide choice of diary prepared from cow, goat or sheep milk and also from soy, rice, nut… milk. Standard organic products but also raw products, certified gluten free, lactose free or vegan products.


Discover each of the stores and its specificities:

In ‘les Champs’, enjoy the ‘café’, where you can drink home made fresh juices, smoothies, fair trade coffee and tea. For a healthy snack find there quiches, home made « croque-monsieur », fish, ham & also veggie sandwiches, bagels, soups in winter but also fruit salads, cakes and artisanal ice creams in summer.






In ‘Rive Droite’ – 2 minutes’ walk from the ‘Pere Lachaise’ cemetery and the famous Jim Morrison’s grave – eat & have a drink outside on its shady terrace. Veritable granary of biodiversity.

The store is famous for its incredible choice of fruits & vegetables, bulk, and also of honey & jams, most of them produced in France by small bee keepers or growers.



Get into ‘Rive Gauche’ in the ‘Quartier Latin’ and discover inside the magnificent glossy glass ceiling boutique with its huge selection of organic delicatessen products! A small shop dedicated to health and cosmetics held by specially-trained employees welcomes you at the main entrance.









In these 3 shops all food is organic and palm oil free. 100% of bananas, teas, coffees, chocolate bars are fair trade.

The 3 shops are part of a French cooperative organic retail network: Biocoop.


Biocoop le Retour à la Terre Rive Gauche

1 rue Le Goff/12 rue Malebranche 75005 Paris

RER Luxembourg – M° Odéon or Cluny-La Sorbonne

01 56 81 10 37

Open from Monday to Sateday  10am – 20pm

Monday & Friday until 20.30pm.


Biocoop le Retour à la Terre Les Champs

89 rue la Boétie 75008

M° Franklin Roosevelt or Saint Philippe du Roule

01 84 86 09 95

Open from Monday to Sateday 11am-21pm – Cofee shop 9am.


Biocoop le Retour à la Terre Rive Droite

114 avenue Philippe Auguste 75011 Paris

M° Philippe Auguste or Père Lachaise

01 44 93 81 81

Open from Monday to Sateday  10am – 20pm

Monday, Thuesday & Friday until 20.30pm